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I am pleased to announce that the SUP Thames Challenge came to the end.

Over the nine days, two crazy SUPers paddled the length of the Thames (320 km) while raising mental health awareness, uniting fellow paddlers and raising £3,200 for stem4 charity!

Help us to reach our target and make an impact!

Stories and short videos from every day are available in the blog section

and on an Instagram account


Check out the map below to see where we paddled.

Why stem4?

Some people may call me shy and easy-going, yet others say I'm bold, confident, and crazy,  then some would say I am bossy and assertive.  Basically, I'm just a big contradiction hehe, but people who know me personally know that I am a warrior or ’Wonder woman’.

As a teenager, I experienced bullying at school and had a short episode of self-harm. Whereas, in adult life as a young mum, I have to face single parenting, which can be sometimes a lonely journey. Fight over depression and manage panic attacks. 

What I have learned over that period of time is that people who surround us play an incredible role in our lives and without them and the right support I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has a strong support network in their life and during uncertain times like now, mental health becomes even more important. I hope that thanks to this challenge I will bring awareness about the importance of mental health and help Steam4 provide the incredible support which they do on daily basis.

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