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Meet Julia

Stand-Up Paddleboard
Coach & Racer

I am a SUP addict who always looks for new adventures and loves to socialise with positive people.


In 2020, I have transformed my personal hobby into a professional career wanting to expose and promote a new way of living. At the same time, sharing my knowledge and experience with others to ensure they are equipped with essential knowledge and skills which would allow them to explore the world by SUP in a safe and fun manner.

My SUPing Story

Originally from Poland, I moved to the UK straight after my A-levels chasing a dream for a different life for me. Over these years, I went out of my comfort zone and managed to discover new countries and cultures, tried new things, and met different people.


My journey with watersports started a while ago when I had various opportunities to try surfing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. As I am like a fish who loves water, I have always been upset that I couldn't continue these activities throughout the year and they were only a holiday thing. I remember my 'WOW' moment when I discovered inflatable stand-up paddleboards hehe Since then, as a person hungry of adventures who never stays still, I have become a SUP addict!


In 2020, I have transformed my personal hobby into a professional career wanting to expose and promote a new way of living... As a single mum, it was incredibly important to me that I found something which allowed my little boy to be part of this journey. SUPERA was created to make paddleboarding accessible to everyone in the community and to unite existing SUP passionates. I hope to re-kindle the spark for life with a sense of curiosity, adventure, and a good time.  

In 2021, I took part in the Soggy Bottom SUPathlon where for the first time in my life I had an opportunity to SUP race and I loved it. At that moment, I have decided to take SUP as a professional competitive sport. Since then, I have attended a variety of clinics and trained with UK/World-leading racers to expand my knowledge and boost my SUP skills. Currently, I am training and preparing for the GBSUP National Series, Polish Championship and ICF World Championship.

In the day to day life, I do wear many different hats like studying a business degree, going to work like everyone else, or being a mum. Yeah... I know, that's a lot! What's make me keep going is my little boy, who is my reason why. My life mission is to be a living example and hope to inspire him to be brave, bold, and curious. I want him to understand that he could be whoever and whatever he wanted to be… as long as he has the passion and never stops chasing his dreams.

~ Julia